We get that #Trudon’s $250 “Why Born A Slave” candle is based on a sculpture originally designed to be “a lesson of freedom,” but is selling the bust of a slave in chains...

We get that #Trudon’s $250 “Why Born A Slave” candle is based on a sculpture originally designed to be “a lesson of freedom,” but is selling the bust of a slave in chains, that you light and watch burn down in flames, just plain wrong in 2019? It was pulled from sale in 2016 by #selfridges after customer complaints, but Trudon continues to sell these candles. #laundrites, is it time for them to stop selling these triggering and upsetting representations of black people? #ciretrudon #scentedcandle

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Samantha Bruzzesi @barbiesam0708

@cold.cream.and.roses this is false! In school (I’m from Portugal) we learned about racism in our own country and abroad. We have learned from our mistakes of the past and grew from it. We don’t accept racist behavior and are taught to respect everyone with dignity. Also, one of my best friends from Germany was taught the same thing and is outraged when we take about how racism is ok in some parts of the US. Yes, there are some people in Europe that don’t think they’re being racist when they clearly are, however this is also the same in the US. So to assume “Europeans don’t have [the same] sensitivity towards racist depictions” is just as close minded as them for making this awful product.

Anne-Cha Guilch' @annechaguilch

@barbiesam0708 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 well said! Plus let’s not forget that Trudon is an exclusive and super niche parisian brand...that most of French people don’t even know. @cold.cream.and.roses please before putting easy and quick judgment about Europeans and their « sensitivity toward racist depictions », think about who is leading your country...

FB @federicanb

@cold.cream.and.roses nah fam we have both assholes and decent people like any other place in the world

©️ @seawintersage

I’m not supporting the candle at all but...you aren’t really expected to burn these candles. They’re meant to be kept as wax sculptures that ‘could’ be burnt. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I’ve always understood such candles as decorative examples of wax work not intended to be a functional candle (even though it can burn). Which doesn’t make it ok, but it does change the discourse and let us concentrate on the representation of black women in culture —WHICH IS THE MAIN PROBLEM—rather than the crude idea of burning it as a candle rather than understanding it as a wax sculpture made by a candle maker as it ought to be.

Megan Moore @reigality

Definitely problematic and tone deaf. Trudon should stop selling the candle too.

♉️Berbery Shawty @jopetitetre

@louchkaille @fanax_tonkie @arsenecolin wtf

Swann @swannax_tonkie

@jopetitetre c'est des bougies?

Swann @swannax_tonkie

@jopetitetre 😨😨😨

Swann @swannax_tonkie

@jopetitetre oui j'ai lu C'est horrible

Nina Bee 🐝🌍 🇬🇧🇦🇺🇭🇷 @nina_beee

if you gotta write an essay to explain it.. it doesn’t really work now does it.. such wilful ignorance is astounding in 2019

Alex @alxmt_

Why is this even made ? 🙄

Alex @alxmt_

@annechaguilch mic drop lol

Ariele Elia @arielechantel

@colleen_hill_fashion @lady_byrd this is the sculpture we just saw

laura @ltrostle


Lola Adesioye @lolaadesioye

@esteelaundry - I complained about this candle a couple of years ago, even set up a petition and had selfridges remove it (actually I may be the person you're talking about in your post!) https://lolaadesioye.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/lola-in-buzzfeed-a-slave-candle-has-been-pulled-from-sale-by-selfridges-after-complaints-by-lola-adesioye/ I think Trudon should stop selling these once and for all.

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