#AdaptogenicSkincare are all the rage right now, but do they really work? 🍄 #Adaptogens, like #Ashwagandha, #Reishi and #Chaga, have been used in #ChineseMedicine and #Ayurveda ...

#adaptogenicskincare are all the rage right now, but do they really work? 🍄 #adaptogens, like #ashwagandha, #Reishi and #Chaga, have been used in #chinesemedicine and #Ayurveda for centuries. They are meant to support your adrenal system and protect the body from external aggressors to bring it back to normalcy. Despite their internal benefits, there is very little research on the topical benefits of adaptogens. 🍄 #laundrites, have you seen any skincare benefits from using adaptogenic skincare?

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Agatha | Skincare × Beauty @abeautyminimalist

I have tried a few, and I believe the bulk of the work is done by the base formula/ingredients. I'm not opposed to adaptogens, but I don't have high expectations for it in topical skincare.

Lexi @smallnaturalist

I think due to lack of reaserch the term is not scientifically accepted. I haven't used one, but I have noticed a big difference in redness & less pimples using a Galactomyces filtrate serum (I've seen it being used as an adaptogen) so, maybe?

Yasmine W @oui_coco

All I noticed was the huge Malachite crystal behind the Sjal Serum 😆 I'm currently playing with Origins mega-mushroom treatment lotion. It has an earthy scent but I can't tell if my skin is "healthier." While it had hyaluronic acid in it, I feel that my skin needs ample moisturizer after application 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am a fan of Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee though ☕️

Tania Erazo Mazur @skin.sentiment.phoenix

You read my mind!! Just today I was thinking of how this mushroom trend has exploded all over retailers and if they’re even worth investing in topically. I’m not the hugest fan of Origins products but it’s interesting to look back on the Dr.Weil products and how he was preaching the shroom life even 10 years ago


Snake oil!

rachel bonomo @sauceb0ss_

i looooove my origins mega mushrooms soothing lotion. it’s the product that changed the game for my skin — seriously. it leaves my skin so bright and hydrated without clogging my pores 😍

ʝαɳเɳε @abeautifulwhim

According to the person who helped me at Sephora a few weeks ago... no!!! They steered me away!

Sara Player @splayer

The Shisheido serum is amazing, didn’t realize it had any mushroom in it

Natasha L @schrodingerskitten_

@oui_coco I’m obsessed with their matcha blend!

Natasha L @schrodingerskitten_

@abeautyminimalist as a cosmetic formulator, agreed

La Bella Figura Beauty @labellafigurabeauty

While the term, “adaptogens” is very trendy and has been revered by wellness gurus, the process itself, adaptogenic is simply the body’s process to normalize and regulate its systems. There is quite a bit of research regarding ergothioneine and specifically in relation to mushrooms and truffles as the highest sources of ergothioneine and glutathione in the plant world. These amino acids have a vital function within the body and how the skin recovers from harmful oxidation within cells while simultaneously protecting our DNA. So we believe mushrooms, ergothioneine and Vitamin D, work wonders topically, but of course the source and formulation matters. “Adaptogens” is just an elevated word, but its process is what happens within our bodies as we live and breathe. 💕


I tried the Origins Mega Mushrooms skin relief and it did nothing.

Natalie Garcia @nat_g0659

@abbievirginia I was just curious if you had tried other products from this brand? I am obsessed with their kale cleanser but $38 is such a steep price for a cleanser!!

Abbie Edwards @abbievirginia

@nat_g0659 yes! I've tried everything but the serum & genuinely love them all! That cleanser is truly a god send & is one of the things that has most helped my skin! PLUS I really love the company & everything they stand for, which makes me feel good about buying their products!

Natalie Garcia @nat_g0659

@abbievirginia Thank you!!! I'm super excited for your feedback!! I'm off to fer kale cleanser now 😊😊

Natta K @nattaslivsplats

I want to believe. But in the case of ashwaganda I would just prefer eating the stuff than putting it on my skin 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mushrooms I’m not sure about. Might work. Mushrooms are crazy.

Tami Kreidler @tamiami824

I don’t know but my skin looks great with YTTP!!😍

Marine Selenee @marineselenee

Yes for #youthtothepeople

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