#Laundrites, is this sudden interest in #LunarNewYear just a clever marketing ploy by beauty brands?🤔 [#Givenchy photo credit: @FassionFruitGirl] #YearOfThePig...

#laundrites, is this sudden interest in #lunarnewyear just a clever marketing ploy by beauty brands?🤔 [ #Givenchy photo credit: @FassionFruitGirl] #yearofthepig

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Sure. But why is it any different than Christmas or Halloween packaging? It’s celebrating a wonderful holiday.

Yun @missusguy

It’s not new. C’mon guys, do your research. Brands have been doing this forever.


Probably but the Givenchy packaging is beautiful

sheiabes @shei_suansingabes

That’s clever though.. I love that they’re trying to reach out to Asian community ❤️❤️

愛心 @ling_xin_xin

@frenchfoodiesyd Good for you? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Audrey @audder_pop7

Of course. It's always about the money! But I happen to love it! My husband's family celebrates and now I have holiday appropriate gifts I can get for them AND pigs are the cutest!

Ranu Gd @ranu1212

Yup. I feel like this year especially its like of a sudden all brands are jumping on it

Natta K @nattaslivsplats

@whiterabbit2910 China is the worlds largest population, I don’t think they’re dying to be included by American brands tbh

Namiko @namikosuga

It's like all these companies saw Crazy Rich Asians and thought it was a documentary or something. 😅

Angela Fong @fongyukyuu

As someone who grew up celebrating it her whole life, I find it funny. More money grab than inclusive since not only Chinese people celebrate LNY

Steven! @sfx86

Brands have been doing it in-store, especially counters, for decades.

Amy Seaden @amyseaden

China is the biggest consumer of luxury goods (ok maybe 2nd and too lazy to google) so would expect all brands but especially luxury brands. Novelty packaging seems to be really popular in Asia too. Perfect combo😊 Plus I'm sure people treat themselve and other with gifts around this time.

Janice Choi @janiceachoi

Everything is marketing, like it or not. As long as it’s not offensive or cultural appropriation, I’m here for it.

Renee B. @retista

It’s not that new... they’ve been doing that for years. The Asian market is huge. Why not show some love?


Yes, but finally Chinese holiday is getting the marketing love too


Tacky indeed and as an Asian consumer, I don’t want to buy a single thing


It’s not clever marketing. It’s just marketing.

Kelly Tafoya @keltaf

I don't see how this is any different than Christmas centered products, just more inclusive of other cultures for once. I'm here for it!

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