Congrats queen !!!!!! I love you so much @ladygaga #grammy...

Congrats queen !!!!!! I love you so much @ladygaga #grammy

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Kira / Kinga @kira24_04

@julia_kaminska03 @pannamariannapriv

prii @_nabfab

but why does she always cry

David M Williams @wdavidm

Congratulations, Great Job 😎😎😎😎😎😎

玛娜 @lilomoshiriii

Tony Bennetts smile is everything 🥰

Marcos Alexander @perocito

I did a cover of Shallow on my IG account @pianocito go check it out!!!

Ashley Schweizer @2ponomo

I think she deserved it, but doesn't it feel a little staged? She's the only one waiting behind the stage.. please fill me in if you know what's going on

Kazumi Will @kazumi_will

Gente é muito exagerada afffee rssss @egooliver

EGO OLIVER @egooliver

@willkazumi atriz neh rsrs

Diana Musmeci @dianamusmeci

Yay!!! Congratulations ♥️🙏♥️ God is good♥️🙏♥️



nicole cooper married. @niccooper687

Congratulations lady gaga 🌹🌹♥️

Olimpia Kaltsa @olimpia_kaltsa

So beautiful incredible voice just love YOU girl😘😘💖💖

Regina Moreira @ginamoreira


Wonderland @spiritofqueen


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