#Gucci, in the wake of its messy “blackface” drama, has issued a new "updated security protocol" handbook to all staff members. According to #TMZ, in a letter sent to Gucci st...

#Gucci, in the wake of its messy “blackface” drama, has issued a new "updated security protocol" handbook to all staff members. According to #TMZ, in a letter sent to Gucci staffers by CEO #marcobizzarri, the fashion mogul claimed ignorance, writing that he was unaware of “the history and significance of blackface.” Bizzarri promised to ensure “any product that is, or may be perceived as, culturally insensitive does not get to the production stage” by hiring five new designers from across the globe. #laundrites, do you think it’s a good strategy?

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Lauren @lozzaquin

@alice.del.negro Blackface happened all throughout Europe as well, it isn’t a US thing.

Alice Del Negro @alice.del.negro

@lozzaquin ? Can you give me reference please? I couldn't find anything.

Alta @altavanniekerk

@chrisisstar I agree people will always look for something bad!!

Cesca — 入乡随俗 @saintcesca

@editevening THANK YOU!!! They’re always on the « oh someone in the team made a poor. Decision » ok... but WHO IS IT

Lauren @lozzaquin

@alice.del.negro Are you serious? Literally google it. I’m from England and we have a huge and problematic history of minstrelsy and blackface.

Lori @llb73

@alice.del.negro I googled “blackface in european history” and found this https://www.history.com/news/blackface-history-racism-origins It took less than 30 seconds


@chrisisstar that's probably right, but the issue is that it directly does resemble blackface with the black turtleneck and red lips. They literally could have avoided the entire thing by acknowledging it wasn't the best look and changing the color prior to production. I believe they probably didn't think about it and that's the full issue. It's passive racism and it's unfathomable to me that someone in the office didn't say "wait...this is wrong."


@alice.del.negro Yeah that’s the thing about racism in media, it doesn’t stay in one place. It spreads all over the world. I once had to teach an English class about why Song of the South and Little Black Sambo was racist. I was in Japan.

Marisa Star @gorgeois

@editevening It's not about one person, it's about a lack of diversity - in this case, not having any black people on the design, executive, or marketing teams to say, "Hey, this is offensive." When your corporate culture is all white, then these types of ignorant incidents happen frequently. The real shame is that it took something like this for Gucci to bring 5 non-white designers on board. 🙄 That's extremely wack.

Marisa Star @gorgeois

@chrisisstar Take your racist gaslighting elsewhere.

Alice Del Negro @alice.del.negro

@llb73 @lozzaquin Mh, not persuaded. Yes I googled 'blackface europe' and found nothing relevant (maybe results affected by my location?). The link you posted doesn't say much about blackface shows tradition in Europe except mentioning Shaekspearian Othello (played on stage by white actors). Now, I say that this is not a good exemple of blackface per se. My understanding is that blackface is not the simple act of painting your face with a colour darker than your skin (it's fair to say that humans have been doing that since stone age) but doing so in a specific cultural context where this act has a meaning of degrating black people. (Note I speak about context, not intention). A KKK costume has a obvious racist meaning in the US. In certain areas of Europe the same exact costume is not racist at all and it is worn in religious festivities. Of course I cannot go out dressed like a Klan member in the US and say 'what's your problem people? I'm celebrating my patron saint!' (Again, context matters, not just intention) At the same time, though, an American has no right to feel offendend if they end up in such a celebration in Spain or Italy. That's about respecting diversity as well. Regarding blackface: I just learnt there is a thing called Festival de dyablos y congos in Panama: a carnival tradition celebrating the resistance and emancipation of black slaves, where attendants paint their face with charcoal. I don't call that blackface. Would you? In Scandinavia there are exemples of processions where some characters have their face painted black representing 'the coming of longer nights associated with winter'. (In fact the only material I found through my google search refers to this symbolism : https://www.vox.com/identities/2019/2/11/18215370/blackface-virginia-ralph-northam-american-history) I don't call it blackface. Would you?

Lauren @lozzaquin

@alice.del.negro https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/media/2006/sep/22/raceintheuk.broadcasting In england we literally had an offensive minstrel show right into the 70s. Blackface and minstrelsy existed in theatre in England since the Victorian era. You either didn’t google it at all, or you’re a troll.

Alice Del Negro @alice.del.negro

@lozzaquin I'm reading the article you linked and the 2nd paragraph states: Why do you place the blackface origins in Victorian England. Anyway, I must admit I didn't think about the UK when talking about Europe, I'm sorry for that. I'm not familiar with UK media and I have a genuine interest in the topic so thank you for sharing the article. I stand by my point, though, not in every culture painting your face black is a bad thing or has anything to do with race. Not many people outside the US are able to understand why that Gucci sweater is offensive in the US. That does not mean they are insensitive or plain ignorant. They have different cultural background.

Lauren @lozzaquin

@alice.del.negro 5 followers, no posts. Definite troll.

Alice Del Negro @alice.del.negro

@lozzaquin I use Instagram to look at make up and puppies. I am registered with my real name and surname. I put an effort into arguing my point of you in a foreign language, reading the links you posted and doing a bit of research myself. You telling me I am a troll is ad hominem fallacy due to lack of arguments on your part.

Lauren @lozzaquin

@alice.del.negro You literally just agreed with my ‘argument’...

Rakhi @rakhikumari01

They are playing it strategically but, people who use brains would know that they are trying to handle situation where they played with feelings of people

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