#KopariBeauty’s response to the #Sundaze claims. Thoughts, #Laundrites? 🤔...

#KopariBeauty’s response to the #Sundaze claims. Thoughts, #laundrites? 🤔

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Flore Kayl @florekayl

@sundazeskincare why didn't you file registration much earlier to protect the name?

Sundaze @sundazeskincare

@florekayl From observation of and feedback from fellow small business owners, it is not uncommon for them, esp. the solo founders, to file for trademarks much later on after launch. While there’s a big gray area, the advice I commonly received was that “active use in commerce” holds merit for applications.


They are both getting some free publicity over this. 🤔

Flore Kayl @florekayl

@sundazeskincare i see your point. Good luck

Lauren Solomonson @laurenmsolo

I mean if that all checks out, they did the best they could?

alyshalynn @alyshalynn

@akinspo30 equal amount la of eye roll back atcha 😘 It’s 2019, late-stage capitalism abounds, and no one should be allowing access to their time and resources without charging or reciprocation.

Larissa Ives @glamrockdaddy

@discotequejuliet No it literally isn’t, do you want to buy skincare from people who don’t know anything about skincare products? that don’t do market research?

Twoo Kuuh @discotequejuliet

@glamrockdaddy yes it literally is, timing wise, read the whole thread

Jay. Eee. en, en, why? @oneofthemixedbreed

@sundazeskincare the law doesn't work that way... I'm sorry that hear that you don't have the funds to hire a professional lawyer but Google is just one click away. Please do serious research if you really want to grow into a real brand, legal issues are no joke, please learn from this experience and decide the best for your company.

Carol Croussett @ccroussett

@akinspo30 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

grace welch @wakeupandvogue

From a legal point of view, it seems like they hit the mark but I am still not buying it.

annie 🌹 @anniehansler

totally get why @sundazeskincare is upset, but this is not new. I’ve been a part of two startups building things we thought were new and unique and we ALWAYS quickly discovered beauty companies creating the same thing as us. If you think about how many sub brands there are out there... Sundaze is not actually that unique of a name. And it’s important to purchase from competitors to see what the competition is doing and to simply shop as a consumer. This is typical r&d. Sad but it it’s rare that any idea in beauty will be unique (i would not consider mineral sunscreen a unique concept by any means), but there’s plenty of room for everyone to succeed with their own lane and niche. You just gotta keep creating and purchasing forward! Don’t waste time on issues like this.

annie 🌹 @anniehansler

@anniehansler so many typos 😂 *sun brands, *pushing forward lol

oh + august @ohandaugust

@withluvfrmerin absolutely!

Trisha @trishamari34

I believe them. Working in the industry you wouldn’t believe how long the process of formulation, packaging, testing, drug fact validating, filling and lot coding a single product takes. You cannot just simply change the name or pull it. It’s interesting reading everyone’s perspective that doesn’t know firsthand how the process goes. We have companies from 2018 with a 2020 launch that have already started the process and we cross our fingers hoping the launch hits the date. It is wild.

Ruth C. @ruththeexplorer

@wakeupandvogue what else could they have done?

Ruth C. @ruththeexplorer

@anesis Confronting sundaze can get thrm into legal issues

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