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Roses from Gogo 💕

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Kiki TP ▪ The Mom Oversharer

@suzyhammy I don't care for this genderless bullshit. Personally raising your child genderless is anti feminism. What is wrong with being a girl, why do we want girls to be strong like boys, boss like a man, why can't we celebrate being females. I think all actresses who are female should be celebrating females not dimming the like an treating us genderless. Clothes don't affect gender. Opinions on clothes do.

Suzy @suzyhammy 🙌 yes!

Lindy Zamora @lindyzamora

So sweet. God bless her!

Marty J York @martyjyork

Oh my gosh, so gorgeous, and sweet 💜💜💜

Monica Chiapperini @monica_chiapperini

Oh my God...💗😍😍😍😍

גרייסי יעל @z_ooted you're the one here applying gender to clothes and roles. She's just raising her without the constraints and societal bullshit we put on little girls. nothing is gendered until we force our ideas of gender roles onto it. Everyone is a unique combination of masculine and feminine traits, she's just letting her live without those restrictions. Tutus are cute, so she's wearing one.

Kiki TP ▪ The Mom Oversharer

@z_ooted I think being a girl is always attacked... even in blurring gender lines when being a girl and any other gender is just as vilified.

גרייסי יעל @z_ooted yes. And? Femininity is seen as weakness. Being a girl is shit on. She will be shit on for being a girl whether she conforms to femininity or not. Literally all this does is let her figure it out and be comfortable however she feels about herself. You can't force a box on any child, just bc she's calling it genderless parenting doesn't make it a new idea.

גרייסי יעל @z_ooted

@suzyhammy clothes don't have gender, anyone can wear anything and still identify the way they do~ I think Kate is just raising her without a boxed in binary idea of what being a girl is.

ellie rowe 🌸 @ellieeir


kelly reise @kareise414

I absolutely love this picture. The fact that you posted it on my daughter's birthday brought me back to when she was this little and times were much simpler 💖

Dorothy Orr @odottie5885

Love those beautiful cheeks.

Maria Rivas @marierivas839

God bless your family so beautiful ❣️❣️

Наталья Бухмарёва @natalia231985

Какая прелесть!😍👼

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