Hotel I Portugal I project by @site_specific_arq + @p06atelier Furniture by @branca_design...

Hotel I Portugal I project by @site specific arq + @p06atelier Furniture by @branca design

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Olavia Gervasi @olaviagervasi

Belíssimo hotel, e as fotos fantásticas!!!👏👏👏👏👏

Nestor Sarmiento @sarmientonestor


Maria Inês Laurentino @maria.ines.laurentino

Que lindas fotos e lugar idem ! 👏👏👏

Anthony Barakat @anthony_barakat

great intervention👌🏻👌🏻

Spaces Podcast @spacespodcast

Nice feed! 🔥 You might find our podcast interesting..we discuss how societal changes are affecting the future of building design and construction.

Matias Rodriguez @mrodriguez_arq

Muy buen manejo del color


what camera do you use?

Fernando Guerra @fernandogguerra

@cehornby canon. Usually the new canon R

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