We deserve a president who will bring us together....

We deserve a president who will bring us together.

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James W @jjdub777

Be nice if South Bend had a mayor right now.

Kurt @kstrouse32

Why did you meet with “super delegates”???? Trying to get around the will of the voters?? And why have you taken the most money from billionaires?? Man of the people huh...

Nancy Stober @nlas170

I couldn’t agree more. 👏👏

GG @chevy_user

@kikireillyyyy it not fake news its true all they do is turn races against each other.

Sandy Evans @history_hero

Pete needs to get more national press time again.

Jodie Martin Ellis @jodiemartinellis

Pete - will you campaign in N. California? Appreciate the common sense/intelligence/honesty you bring. Stay true and on point

Ethan james @ethanj88

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bobbieannkonkel @bobbiekonkel

"We deserve a president that will bring us together" Pete-hold my mic while I divide the nation...🤣

The Agressive Progressive @nochillcivilian.rar

We need a president who doesnt bow to billionaires #Bernie2020

Nonyabiz @nonyabiz5

@chevy_user how did they make their money?

Nonyabiz @nonyabiz5

@nathan.buchanan_177 He has sure got the economy turned around. Spock wasn’t warm and fuzzy but I liked him, he was effective. Trump has done most of what he said he would, that’s what I want from my president.

Jojje Holm @jojjekholm

@momma_bird1987 yet you voted for Obama that broke the damn country into pieces.

Jojje Holm @jojjekholm

@tjosephlocastro isn’t he polling at, like 5%? 😂

Stephanie @__stephaniechambers

@chevy_user 😂😂😂 Facts prove other wise, but you tried.

orgillkimberly @orgillkimberly9

@__stephaniechambers at least I can see what's really happening un this country and world😳

tee roonie @teeroonie

zero sense literally ⭕️

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